About Hoo-Ahhs™

Originally developed for military personnel to remove camouflage paint after training exercises, Hoo-Ahhs™ Field Towels are strong, unscented, aloe-based moistened towels that clean up the toughest dirt and grime without breaking apart like paper based towelettes. Convenient, portable and disposable, Hoo-Ahhs™ are ideal for hunting, camping, fishing and all outdoor activities.

Road Trips

Add the Hoo-Ahhs™ Field Towels to your glove box, emergency kit or in your travel bag for a convenient towel for a clean up, non-shower day and more.

Bug-Out-Bag or Tactical Kit

When you have the grime but not the time, our Hoo-Ahhs™ Field Towels will keep you feeling great and provide a unscented solution to getting clean.

BBQ Tasting Events and Tailgates

Toss some of our single packets to take along to your next BBQ event or tailgate sporting event. You'll love the fact that they are unscented and larger than most wipes.  Plus, they are durable to wipe off that award-winning sauce and even for clean up after the event.


Camping can be an enjoyable experience and Hoo-Ahhs™ Field Towels make it even better.  They are unscented and ideal for camping because of their size and strong towel fiber.  You'll want a pack in your camper or tent and a few individual packs for the trails.

Benefits of Hoo-Ahhs™ Field Towels:

  • Superior to the baby wipes now used in the field
  • Bigger, stronger, unscented  
  • Safe for kids and muddy dog paws.

Great for:

Military personnel, hunters, campers, anglers, hikers, cyclists, rock climbers, law enforcement officers, emergency response teams, golfers, travelers, motorcyclists, motorhomes - anybody who needs a quick, convenient clean up.