JOin Our HOO-AHHS™Wholesale Program

Add Hoo-Ahhs™ to your product line to boost sales and help your customers "clean up". Here's a chance to fill a market niche that is now passively served only by products designed and marketed for infant care. Sporting goods retailers, drugstores, and convenience outlets can now offer a superior clean up product and pull in extra dollars now being spent on an unsatisfactory alternative.

What are Hoo-Ahhs™

A convenient, portable and disposable pre-moistened field towel originally manufactured for the military to use during training exercises, Hoo-Ahhs™ are equally useful for hunters, anglers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts who need a convenient, quick cleaning system when soap and water are not readily available. . 

Product Features

  • Strong, oversize, non-woven cloth design
  • Unscented, aloe-enriched cleanser that's alcohol-free  
  • 1 or 2 towels provide all-over basic body hygiene
  • Removes military grade face camouflage, sunscreen and insect repellant  
  • Can be used for emergency first aid to clean minor scrapes or serve as field bandages
  • Resealable package with camouflage design